A funeral service or Requiem Mass (which may be preceded by a Reception into church the previous evening) is arranged by the funeral director who liaises between the family and Fr John.


Where possible a requiem Mass is scheduled for 9.30am, the time of the daily parish Mass, so that the congregation can support the family by their prayer, their responses and their singing.


Fr John will meet with family members to plan the service and discuss bible readings and music for the service at church and secular readings which may be appropriate for the end of the service or at the crematorium.


Suggestions for Readings for Funerals (Biblical)

Old Testament


Wisdom 3, 1-6.9

Micah 6, 6-8

Isaiah 25, 6-9

Lamentations 3, 17-26

Ecclesiastes 3, 1-11

New Testament

2 Corinthians 5,1.6-10

1 John 3,1-2

Apocalypse 14,13

Apocalypse 21, 1-7


Matthew 5, 1-12

Matthew 11, 25-30

John 11, 21-27

John 12, 23-26

John 14, 1-6.