Burial at St Bedes


There are no plots available in the old graveyard on the west side of the Church. In some cases there is space in individual plots and these can be used.


In recent years the area on the East side of the Church has been developed as a cemetery. As space is limited only those with a close connection to St Bede's can be given permission to be buried there. The policy for the use of the new graveyard is as follows:



1. Who may be buried in the new graveyard:

1.1 Since space is restricted those who may be buried in a new grave in the new graveyard must also be restricted so that people who have a long association with St Bede's through their regular worship here have the opportunity to be buried here. The decision lies wholly with the parish priest who may wish to seek the advice of his predecessors, particularly when people have moved away from the parish to live their final years with relatives or in a nursing home.

1.2 The Trustees of the Diocese of Hallam do not allow the exclusive right to burial to be purchased in advance (see Diocese of Hallam, Cemeteries Policy - Appendix I) but letters of intent can be given by the Parish Priest. These must be carefully recorded and the number issued must never be more than the plots available. If the number of letter issued matches the number of plots available then forthwith only those who hold letters of intent can purchase the exclusive right to burial.

1.3 Subsequent burials in the grave are by agreement between the owner of the exclusive right, or whoever is the legal owner of the exclusive right by inheritance or gift, and the Parish Priest. Ownership of the exclusive right to burial cannot be transferred by sale or purchase.

2. Agreement with purchaser of the exclusive right to burial in a numbered plot.

2.1 The agreement will be as follows:


Rev (insert name) Parish Priest, representing the Parish of St Bede, in consideration of the sum of £(insert fee) now paid by (insert name) hereby grants to the purchaser the exclusive right to burial at St Bede’s graveyard, St Bede’s Road, Rotherham in plot numbered (insert number) on the new graveyard plan.

The purchaser hereby agrees that the grave will be maintained within the graveyard which will keep its appearance as a lawn, and therefore no bordering of the grave will be allowed. A headstone may be purchased for the grave but it will be no bigger than the following dimensions: Height 3 feet (max); width 2 feet (max); depth 3 inches (min) 5 inches (max). Base 2 feet 6 inches (max). The memorial may be of any suitable stone but must be in keeping with the character of the graveyard as specified by the Parish Priest. Thus no additional accoutrement, such as vases, will be allowed.


Date of Grant............................


(insert name) Parish Priest


3. Letter of intent for those who wish to purchase at a future date. (The diocesan Trustees will not allow advance sales of exclusive right to burial.)



St Bede's Catholic Church,

Station Road,


S60 1HF


To ....  

of ....

Purchase of the exclusive right to burial:

Letter of Intent


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the purchase of the exclusive right to burial in a plot in the new graveyard at St Bede's for NN of YZ

The Trustees of the Diocese of Hallam do not allow purchase of this right in advance. However, it is the policy of the parish to seek to ensure that those who have a long association with St Bede's through their regular worship here and their participation in the life of the parish have the opportunity to be buried here in accordance with their clearly expressed wishes. On behalf of the parish I am able to give you this letter of intent to express the agreement that, should a plot be available at the time of your death / your relative's death then purchase of the exclusive right to burial at the cost then applicable will be available to your executor/yourself.

Please keep this letter in a safe place, but one which is known to your executors/ next of kin; and please ensure that your request is renewed each five years so records can be kept up to date.

Yours sincerely,


on behalf of the parish of St Bede


3.2 Only letters of intent that can be produced will be accepted. Reported oral promises without written testimony will not be considered.


4. The charges for exclusive right to bury in a numbered plot.


4.1 It is the policy of the Diocese of Hallam, in accordance with civil law, that the price of purchase of the exclusive right to burial must command a fee at least the same as those of public cemeteries in the vicinity.

4.2 From 1st January 2021 the charges at St Bede's will therefore be as follows:

Exclusive right to bury, first interment and the right to place a headstone: £2000.00 (For information purposes this includes a Minister's fee of £180.00)

The burial of ashes in a casket in a full burial plot: £2000.00

Subsequent interment: Grave digging £500.00

4.3 Burial of ashes in designated area:

Exclusive right to bury, interment of ashes and right to place a plaque (specification and dimensions to be agreed with the Parish Priest) £400.00

(Cost of plaque to be paid separately direct to Monumental Mason).

NB. If the funeral has taken place at St Bede's then the charge will be £220.00 which includes the digging of the plot. (Cost of plaque to be paid separately direct to Monumental Mason).

Subsequent interment: Grave digging £30

4.4 The charges will be reviewed annually.

4.5 For information and comparison purposes only as of 1st April 2021 the charges of Dignity Funerals  Ltd, owners of East Herringthorpe cemetery include the following:

Exclusive right to bury : £1036.00

Interment fee, new plot : £1232.00

Total New Grave (2) : £2268.00

Total New Grave (3) : £2359.00

Reopening of grave : £1232.00

Permit fee headstone : £250.00

Cremated Remains Plot : £612.00

Cremated Remains Interment Fee : £538.00

Total New Cremated Remains Plot : £1150.00


5. The keeping of records

Accurate and contemporary records must be kept, including:

  • A numbered plan of the graveyard, showing all available plots.
  • A register of who is buried in which numbered plots, date of death, date of burial.
  • A register of those whose ashes have been buried in the designated area, with date of death, and date of interment of ashes.
  • A record of the letters of intent that have been issued.