Liturgy Committee

Welcome to St Bede's Parish Liturgy Page.

Here you will be able to keep up to date with all the Liturgical activities in the Parish.


What is Liturgy?

‘Liturgy’ comes from the Greek word ‘leitourgia’ which means

‘the work of the people'

In the church this is seen as the participation of the people in the work of God and includes all the services that happen in church - our work is to make Christ present in the world.

Readers and Ministers Rota

The Liturgy Committee


The Roles and Duties of the Liturgy Committee are:

  • Formation & Development of the Liturgical Ministries 

  •  Co-ordination and Communication. 

  • Evaluating.  
  • Short and Long-term planning and setting goals.  
  • Focus on the "Sunday Celebrations" 


Liturgy Committee Membership

The Group is made up of people in the Parish who are actively involved in the many varied areas of Liturgy:

Parish Priest: Fr John Ryan

Committee Leader: Paul Brennan

Deputy Leader: Andrew Eastwood

Committee Secretary: Colette Sharp 

Altar Servers Co-ordinators: Fr John & Patrick Hone

Children's Liturgy: Alex Healy (Coordinator) & Veronica Horan (Deputy)

Hospitality Ministry: Gail Hopkinson (Coordinator) & Michelle Forster (Deputy)

Ministry of the Eucharist: Siobhan Doran (Coordinator) & Angela Davison (Deputy)

Ministry of the Word: Andrew Eastwood (Coordinator), 

Music Ministry: Paul Brennan (Director of Music) & Gabriel Eastwood (Deputy)

Worship Space: Colette Sharp (Coordinator) & Kath Roddison (Deputy)


Next Liturgy Meeting: 



Liturgy Minutes

Meeting: 30.05.2017

Meeting: 18.07.2017

Meeting 12.09.2017

Meeting 03.10.2017

Meeting 23.01.2018

Meeting 20.02.2018

Meeting 09.07.2018

Meeting 04.09.2018

Meeting 25.09.2018

Meeting 11.02.2019

Meeting 11.03.2019

Meeting 30.04.2019

Meeting 27.08.2019

Meeting 01.10.2019

Meeting 12.11.2019

Meeting 04.02.2020

Meeting 25.02.2020