Meeting for the Mass at Pentecost 2018

Present:-Angela, Eileen, Siobhan, Colette, Jeremy and Peter.

Apologies: - Fr. John, Andrew and Pat Marley.

Paul Brennan to be asked to play as Laura and Jane are unable to attend the Mass.

Order of Mass to date:-

Hopefully we will have the drumming before Mass.

Opening Hymn – Walk in the Light

Welcome by the Bishop – Gloria – the Mass of Christ our Saviour.

Readers to arrive 30 minutes before Mass.

1st reading Katrina – Tamil.      2nd reading Carol – French.      Psalm sung in English.  Alleluia sung in English.      Gospel Fr. Evangelist – Igbo.

Bidding prayers: - 1. Paul Bowen [Blessed trinity] for leaders of the Church. 2. Mary Musa – peace and joy. 3. Anne Frogson – Spanish [t.b.c.] refugees. 4.5.6. Lesotho children – for young people, the sick and the dead.

Presentation of the gifts: - ask the Indian community or select people on the day.

Sanctus: -   the Gathering Mass. Sing the Lamb of God – new Celtic Mass.

The Our Father in our own language.

The Lesotho children to lead the priests to places for the distribution of Holy Communion.

Ministers – Jan Royan, Anne Horst, Siobhan, Doran, Eileen Owens and Colette on standby if needed – other Ministers on the day. Tammy will distribute Coeliac hosts.

Communion hymns: - No reply yet from the Polish if attending. School children to all join together to sing – Amanda Wassell will contact the schools with the chosen hymn. Jeremy will contact Rawmarsh re their choir. All sing until Communion is completed. Mithusala will dance

Close with Lord the light of your love is shining. Lesotho children to escort people to the shared table.  Eileen and Angela have the catering in hand.

Fr. Des to supply hosts and wine?????????????    Tammy – Chalices, Colette baskets and flowers.

Fr. John to ask the Indian community if they will cater – no problem if they cannot we just need to know re  - catering. There are exams in the hall Friday and Monday – the hall must be cleared.

Fr. Graydon is saying his own parish Mass.

We need to add – renewal of the Covenants of the Poor this year.  Forgot to mention this at the meeting.



Deanery Liturgy Meeting Minutes - Tuesday April 17th 2018

Present: - Jeremy, Paul, Siobhan and Colette.

Apologies: - Fr. John Ryan, Fr.Richard Gomersall and Laura.

We concentrated on the Mass for Pentecost. Laura will assist/support in any way with the music.

We decided to invite the people who had volunteered to read/dance/assist in any way for 2017 to come forward for this year.

Action ­ - Colette to ask the Bishop’s secretary re the Bishop preaching and ask Fr. Evangelist to read the Gospel.

To request a reader for the second reading

Bidding prayers in different languages from each parish are required – Priests to nominate someone.

 Polish community to sing at Communion contact Eva 07716602130

To supply flowers.

St.Bede’s - Mithusala will dance after Holy Communion.    Would the Tamil children dance with the Offertory procession?

Immaculate Conception - Fr. Des to ask Anna Sokolowska [St.Gerard’s] to do a reading in Polish.

 To supply the chalices/hosts/wine

The Our Father to be said in each person’s own language.

Each parish- supply a Minister for Communion.

Covenants of the Poor to be renewed this year and brought to the Mass.

There is a Deanery Choir that comes together to sing for Ordinations, Chrism Mass and other large events. Jeremy suggested that each parish learn one Mass that everyone would know for when we are all together.


Please let Colette know any names as soon as possible and no later than 1st May.


A final meeting for the Mass at Pentecost will be Wednesday 9th May at 7p.m. at St.Bede’s.

Minutes of the Deanery Co-Ordinates meeting Tuesday 9th January 2018

Present:- Fr. Des, Fr. Richard,Fr.Andy, Andrew Neal[chair] Rachael Hague,Pat Price,Helen McKinney, Kate Patterson,Monica Carroll,Rosa Wild, Janet&Ken Poole, Tony Bartholomew and Colette Sharp.

Apologies –Fr. John Ryan, Fr.Evangelist, Deacon Geoff, Pat Green, Angela Pritchard and Margaret Horan.

Fr. Des opened the meeting with a prayer.

Monica raised various issues regarding the meeting of the Co-Ordinates. She felt this group was no longer working to its original intention which was to receive and relate back to parishes news and ideas.  St.Joseph’s have a group that meet monthly and discuss a subject which is related back to their parish. St.Joseph’s were taken out of the Rotherham Deanery and placed under Bassetlaw then back into Rotherham and it has been difficult to belong again. It is felt the Laity do not have the opportunity for consultation with the Priests but Toney said the priests are available after a Mass or at the presbytery.

Fr.Des explained that the original idea for the Co-Ordinates from Dr. Frank Neal was that sub committees would do the work in a parish and report back to the meeting but sadly this has not continued.

There should be a representative from each parish who attends the meeting whom the congregation can inform of anything they wish to be discussed at the meeting e.g. Mass for the sick and is transport available for anyone requiring assistance. Feedback from each parish is to be encouraged so we can all share ideas. This item will be added to the next agenda and a person from each parish to be asked to attend the meeting on the 6th March.

It is felt that people are only interested in their own parishes but communities will have to learn to gel and work together. A good example of this is the fuel issue. Winnie Egan is to be asked to speak about this at the next meeting.

Fr.Andy felt that discussions should take place in each parish to see what they want before trying to become one community.

A change has to come about. Do we use social media enough and look at other parish web sites to see what events they are holding?

People can request e- copies of bulletins from other parishes. Better communication should be a priority.

All Covenants of the Poor need updating this year.

The next meeting is 6th March 2018 7p.m. at Wickersley.

Fr. Richard closed the meeting with a prayer.