Parish Council



St.Bede’s  Liturgy Committee May 30th 2017

Present – Father John, Paul, Kath Jones, Kath Roddison, Catherine Shelton, Alex, Veronica, Gail, Colette, Duggie and John.

ApologiesAmanda, Anne, Gabrielle and Andrew.

The meeting opened with a prayer.

The minutes were a true record and no matters arising.

The co-ordinator for hospitality will be Gail not Gabrielle.

Father will arrange a date for a meeting re Eucharistic Ministry.

A deputy is required for Word Ministry.

Hopefully we will obtain people from the ‘launch’

Hannah Casey has finished uni and is to be asked about youth ministry

Additions to the calendar – Deanery Mass for the sick here at St. Bede’s 7th June 11a.m.

Extra Exposition on the feast of Corpus Christie 18th June.

Family Mass 16th July. Invite the Lourdes/Lesotho youth – Father to ask Sebastian Gregory.

Compline to begin on Wednesday evenings in September.

Exposition on Friday mornings after Mass mention at the launch for sitters.

August – the Assumption – outdoor Paella - invite the Lourdes youth.

Could a feast day Mass be earlier to include young children? Could children bring a flower for Our Lady’s altar? Should there be a children’s liturgy?

Working parishioners may not like an earlier time.

October – 1st a family Mass?

7th Our Lady of the rosary – if no home football match – this could be another ‘Day with the Lord’

15th A concert is planned for 4p.m. should we still have a 6.15 Mass?

21st St. John of Bridlington – could be a parish outing to Bridlington – view the parish church.


November - All Souls Veronica suggested a family meal with a traditional family recipe. Invite people who have a family grave here or bereaved people from this year. Cards advertising the Mass could be given to the undertakers. Would a service of Remembrance be more appropriate for people who had not been to church for a while allowing them to sit for a while – light a candle?

Christ the King – could be an Ecumenical service. Vespers in Mass? Do not try to please everyone but do what we do well! Monica Grant will be our connection with Churches Together.


Alex suggested a flyer be given out every 3 or 4 months to parishioners with events and times on. The web site will also be updated. Alex is co-ordinating a ‘travelling carol service ‘in High Green.

There is Mass at Roche Abbey on Trinity Sunday. No refreshments after Confirmation as 40 Candidates – there will be a celebration in school later in the term. Stewards and servers will be required for this Mass.

Feast Days – should be special e.g. use incense, could images/icons be on display?    


The Big Launch – 10/11th June   -   refreshments will be outside in the garage and tables arranged in the car park depicting the various ministries. Veronica had designed posters to give us inspiration. Servers in their albs could encourage new servers to enlist, choir members, cleaners, flower arrangers, youth, encourage people to bring up the offertory etc etc.

Andrew will explain the launch after the 9.30 Mass   - Paul the 6.15.  Forty Martyrs’ speaker required.

A meeting to finalize plans will be Thursday 8th June at 6p.m. followed by cleaning out the garage – ready for the refreshments on the 11th.

We require a meeting to discuss the Christmas fayre/ Advent festival do we hold both? The fayre is a good fundraiser. Happy Days would like a stall at the Festival.

Christmas Masses were mentioned as Christmas Eve would be Sunday evening.  Mass times may have to be changed.      




Social and fundraising Meeting Monday 22nd May 2017

Present Father John, Kath Jones, Yvonne & Jessica Swift, Ivor Chapman, Michael Speight, Lorraine Lowe, Kath Roddison, Catherine Shelton, Eileen Owens, Paul Brennan, Rebecca& Michelle Forster ,Gail Hopkinson, Peter Swift, Tanya, Veronica Horan, Anne Frogson and Colette Sharp.

Apologies: - Amanda Wassell, Gabrielle & Andrew Eastwood.

The meeting opened with a prayer.

The purpose of the meeting was to re-energize our group. The recent concert brought in new faces as did the Advent festival market. We are seeking to build on the work that has taken place in the past and develop and offer more people the opportunity to come along and fulfil this mandate. We need different people with different skills for different occasions.

What ways can we draw people in? What can we be doing? What can we achieve? Evangelisation is the key to all groups – go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News.

We need to draw people in from outside – e.g. the parent from school who supplied the gazebo’s and tables recently. We need to attract young people. Could we help the lonely, divorced, depressed, bereaved, and aged?

Could the Indian community arrange a function e.g. for their feast day and we would attend? Could a booklet be printed in other languages for people new to the parish?

Suggestions were - a race night, pea and pie supper, balloon race, trips out, theatre matinee/evening, meals out, talks on mindfulness/meditation and a plethora of ideas from Veronica.

From some of these suggestions Jessica will organise a ladies night. Peter a men’s night. Alan Hoop will drive a minibus for trips. Suggestions were Lincoln or Ripon. A retreat to Ampelforth is being planned by Paul. Eileen is planning a trip in November to York Christmas market. Colette to look into a swimming gala.

Some events will be social some fundraising or a mixture of both.

EAL – English as an additional language. Could there be a parish register of linguists? Should there be an updated census /register of newcomers?

Youth – a Deanery football match at St. Bernard’s ask the parish dads to set up. It’s a knockout. Youth quiz night. Rotherham United travelling bus. Youth concert in 40M hall. Would a neutral environment draw in more people if not in a church hall?

We are a main supplier to Shiloh and receive frequent letters of thanks from them for our regular supplies. A food bank would not be practical re storage and people to distribute it. Maltby run a food bank.

Toddler group – concerns were expressed re a hot meal for some children during school holidays. Sandra McDool would know of needy families. Discussions are taking place re a Mother/Toddler group. Storage is an issue.

Veronica and Alex are considering a children’s Christmas performance.

Nominations for a leader were Paul/Veronica. Deputy – Michelle.

There will be a ‘big launch’ on the weekend 10/11th June after Mass when ideas will be put to the whole congregation to see if they would like to be involved. The car park will be closed. Refreshments will be supplied in different areas of the car park alongside tables engaging people in different aspects of the parish life e.g. liturgy, social, fundraising and hope to encourage people to help with various aspects even if they do not wish to attend meetings.

Anne stated the fact that many people do not know the whereabouts of the church. Could we have larger signs outside on the church walls etc could the gable end be lit up at night?

Future dates:-

Bacon butties 18th June Father’s day

Paella outside after evening Mass on August 15th the feast of the Assumption. Could invite the Lourdes youth/pilgrimage helpers.

Monica Grant will inform us of the dates of other church’s events as she is secretary of Churches Together.

The meeting closed with a prayer.


Renewal and restructuring Meeting May 16th 2017

Present – Fr. John, Paul Brennan, Charlie Clayton, Theresa Ford, Kath Roddison,Ivor Chapman,F. Woulfe,Cath Shelton,Duggie Malleapas,Colette Sharp,Michael Speight,Alex Healy, Amanda Wassell,Anne Hodgson,Eileen Owens,Andrew  and Gabrielle Eastwood,Jackie Hone,Lorraine Lowe, Jessica Swift,Veronica Horan,Gail and John Hopkinson.

Apologies Monica Grant, Rosa Wild

The meeting opened with a prayer and Paul thanked everyone for attending this gathering to look at the proposal of restructuring towards becoming a place of Missionary Outreach and Liturgical Excellence. The proposal is to discuss/ agree/disagree/suggest.

We are told to go out and be disciples. If the early disciples had not gone out – we would not have a Church. Paul said we need to be realistic for the future.  The laity has to take a more active role. Everyone should do a little bit rather than a few doing a lot. We should look forward not back.

Communication is vital e.g. when asked/invited parishioners were happy to be involved in the Good Friday Passion.

 There should be a parish pastoral committee and all leaders attend this.  A leader from the school would be Amanda Wassell, Parish secretary – Anne Hodgson, Safeguarding officer – Rosa Wild, liturgy leader – Andrew Eastwood, Churches Together rep is willing to be involved, social group – Eileen Owens, Colette to co-ordinate flowers, and cleaning.



 Liturgy is working well with Readers, Ministers, Welcomers etc. Andrew has undertaken the role of leader and will be approachable throughout the year.

Finance - may need to be selected re privacy issues.

Fundraising – vital to our parish- much money has been raised over the years. Some parishioners may not manage the meetings but are willing to assist at events.

Social – trips to London, theatre, shows, places of interest. An individual not belonging to a group planned the trip to Durham.  The recent concert brought in people who had never been in St. Bede’s before. They enjoyed the social atmosphere in the parish rooms afterwards – thus widening the community. Is there anything for the elderly, lonely, bereaved? Child care in the school holidays – when there is the lack of a free school meal?  A Panto for all ages has been suggested. A toddler group may be formed the logistics are being looked into to hold this once a week after morning Mass.

Property/repairs – Charlie Clayton has kindly offered his services. Mick Duggan did a great deal before he left the area.

Safety – Peter Swift and Anne Hodgson work on ‘tool box’ safety issues put out by the Diocese.

Youth – should a working group share their talents? Should we ask the youth what they want? The Lourdes and Lesotho groups are actively involved whilst they are there but what happens when they return to their parishes? Alex suggested we should nurture the young families we have now. The panto could cover all ages.  On the recent Hospice night walk the youth wore their green Lesotho tops to make them recognisable.  The choir children sing in the hospital and hospice at Christmas.

The Polish community were excellent on the Day with the Lord and Fr. Cezary covered Sunday Mass for Father when he was away. Could we do more together?

Re communication – St. Bede’s school are installing a new system which would go direct to people’s mobile phones/ e-mails.  Church has considered this but feel it would not be viable to all parishioners.

Father is looking into using half of the garage to install 1 or 2 toilets. Alan Hair is to look into this soon. Fr. Burtoft’s fund could help with the costs.

Ideally a lay person could speak at the end of the three Sunday Masses to inform parishioners about the way forward to try and inspire more people to become active. Do we want a ‘big launch’ or a steady drip feed?

Dates for all meetings and events need to be fixed for the whole year ahead.


Father and Paul thanked everyone for coming to the meeting.


The meeting closed with a prayer


St. Bede’s Parish Council Liturgy Committee 25th April 2017

Present: - Fr. John, Andrew [chair] Duggie, Paul, John, Gail, Gabrielle, Kath Jones, Veronica, Rosa, Alex and Colette.

Apologies: - Ivor, Patrick, Amanda and Kath Roddison.

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Lent: - 10-12 attended the 7a.m. Mass on the Fridays. Stations before 9.30 Mass on Fridays were well attended - only a small number stayed for Exposition after the Mass. Is this worth continuing? Compline had 3-4 people throughout the time some new faces between 5-6p.m. It was decided to hold this once a month then every week next Lent. People would be required to sit in the church. Some form of advertising would be needed to say the church was open.

The Day with the Lord was reviewed and we thought to hold one in Lent and one in the Autumn. Father’s talk on prayer was very good and helpful. Sr. Cathy is willing to attend and speak one time.

Passion Sunday – 54 children processed – this was really pleasing. Good number at Mass with extended family attending.

Lists for readers, ministers, offertory procession and feet washing need to be displayed early.

Holy Thursday –well attended with more people staying until 9.30p.m.

Good Friday – thanks were expressed to Andrew and Stuart for planning the Passion reading which was well received.  We will endeavour to have a fresh approach each year and use different people for the roles.  Austin will make a better cross for next year. A door monitor was suggested for the end of the service and not to open the double doors in an attempt to maintain a silence. A few people stayed until 3p.m. Thanks were expressed to Amanda and Sue for hosting the children’s liturgy.

Saturday morning – a first time for Morning Prayer – again well received and people stayed to assist with arranging the church ready for the vigil which was a great help. We will consider a service for next Good Friday morning – this will depend on the time of the afternoon service.

Vigil – had excellent numbers this year. The service was not too long and the evening closed with refreshments.

Easter Sunday – the church was packed with people standing in every available space. Most encouraging.

Novena – Should it continue and in what format? Should it be Lay led? Father has many talks to deliver over the coming months.  It could comprise 9 events – 4 evenings and 5 mornings. We decided on 4 evening Vespers with Exposition on Thursdays at 6.30p.m.and 5 Friday morning prayers at 9.10 a.m.  concluding on the feast of St. Bede.25th May with Novena within the evening Mass and to follow with refreshments.


Children’s Mass – Sunday 14th May. A Mass to involve the children could be a regular event. The children would do the readings and offertory procession. Alex asked if children who do not attend St. Bede’s school could take a part in these Masses.  Father suggested they begin by bringing up the offertory. Alex suggested that we have a calendar to plan events for the year. Good idea. Without more support the children’s liturgy will not run in the school holidays.  Gabrielle asked if the work produced by the children in their liturgy could be shown in the Mass but Father has concerns about the time taken up by this activity.

Our Mission statement needs updating before the Mass at Pentecost.

Fr. John from Maltby is to return to Nigeria. He has been a good Chaplain at the hospital. Fr. Graydon will cover Maltby. The next Mass for the sick will be at St. Bede’s on 7th June at 11a.m.

Confirmation: - will be held on 15th June and will be for Years 4, 5 and 6 and other’s not in St. Bede’s. Suzanne [deputy head at St. Bede’s school] has prepared a wonderful guide book to assist parents to prepare their children for this Sacrament. Some parents were hesitant at first with this new venture but have been pleased with the support they have available to them.


The renewal and structure item has been moved to Tuesday May 2nd at 7.15.

Paul and Colette will send out further reminders about this meeting.


The meeting ended with a prayer.

St. Bede’s parish Liturgy Committee 14th March 2017

Present – Father John, Kath Jones, Gabrielle, Rosa, Veronica, Michelle, Gail, Siobhan, Anne, Colette, Duggie, Ivor, Patrick, Paul, Stuart, John and Andrew [chair]

Apologies – Kath Roddison, Christine and Amanda. The meeting opened with a prayer.

We went through the plans for the ‘Day with the Lord’Andrew will read a morning prayer. Sadly no visiting speaker is available on the day for guided meditation.  Father John will speak on how to pray.

‘Confessionals’ and posters to be prepared on Friday. Welcomers on the day are important as they are the first point of contact for people entering the church.

Patrick will work with the servers. Colette the offertory procession. Christine and Stuart to read, Eileen to minister if required. In the future confession will not take place straight after Mass. There will be Exposition after Mass and hopefully not everyone will leave immediately for lunch. Before ‘born for this’ there will be deposition. The Monstrance will be replaced for quiet time in Church with the opportunity to light candles. It was suggested that kneelers could be placed on the altar to encourage people to stay and pray. Patrick offered to give out the candles if necessary. Michelle volunteered to take some photographs.Veronica, Paul and Andrew will prepare the parish rooms for a supper of curry and pizza.


Lent - Ash Wednesday evening Mass the choir did not receive ashes or Communion.

Two people sat throughout the morning on the first Friday of opening the church. Hopefully more will attend throughout Lent. Way of the Cross at 7p.m. on Friday 7th.

Andrew and Stuart will ask people to read over the Triduum. Readers are to be asked to attend training. Young readers should be encouraged. Patrick will designate servers to tasks.

Good Friday – Andrew will place people in the congregation to speak boldly certain parts of the Gospel. This will be a new venture for us to try out. The church could stay open after the service if parishioners wish to stay on.     The Vigil will be 8p.m.Easter Day – how do we make it special to people? Gail suggested social media and is willing to oversee this.

Eucharistic Ministers- more are required and trained to go out to the sick. A co-ordinator is required. All roles in the church should be defined and developed e.g. readers, ministers, children’s liturgy, welcomers, music, and choir.  A meeting will be arranged for after Easter to discuss role co-ordinators.

Is after Mass a social time?   People talk, lights are turned off etc what if someone wishes to sit quietly and pray for a while? There is noise from the parish rooms on a Sunday morning for Polish Mass.

Date of next meeting: - Tuesday 25th April at the new time of 7.15 p.m. To be included on the agenda

The Feast of St. Bede and Co-ordinator roles.

St. Bede’s Parish Liturgy meeting Tuesday 7th February 2017

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Present: - Christine, Anne, Gabrielle,Theresa,Kath Roddison, Veronica Horan,Colette, Ivor, Duggie, Stuart, Patrick,Paul and Andrew [chair]

Apologies: - none

Liturgical Excellence: - Ongoing developments –

The collection now begins at the front. There is more singing at the 6.15 Mass. The school newsletter is displayed in the porch. There is a new side aisle. The welcoming rota to be extended with training for new people – should there be a photo in the porch of people who undertake duties in the church? We need more people to undertake tasks – Veronica suggested asking people personally. More Eucharistic ministers are required especially for visiting the sick. They would require some training. We agreed the laity should do announcements at the end of Mass but only important items.

Children’s liturgy – Parishioners would like a children’s liturgy in the school holidays. Requires more helpers for a rota.

Day with the Lord – Paul has sent information to the Hallam News and designed posters and flyers. Help would be appreciated in delivering the flyers.

Will there be confessions in the late afternoon?

Would handing out the candles rather than people collecting them at 17.40 avoid the queue as happened last October?

Would the Polish priest assist at Mass? The Divine Mercy and the Rosary to be said in English.

Evening catering- Request less curry as having Pizza. Members of the choir to ask at El Lupo’s re delivery.

Lent: - Paul has prepared a leaflet explaining the season of Lent and included the Lenten activities.

Early morning Mass on a Friday. Exposition after the 9.30 Mass until noon. Church open with Compline on Wednesday evenings. Lenten lunch on 15th March at St. Bede’s.

Holy Week – Should we dramatise the Passion Reading? Lighting can be effective. Could members of the congregation speak out boldly with the responses e.g. Crucify Him?

Could the washing of feet be on the altar enabling people to have a better view of the activity and could we encourage different faces?

Good Friday – could the church be open after 3p.m? Concerns over parking from the football match were put forward. Should there be evening stations?

Regarding any services on Holy Saturday – on this day the Church waits at the Lord’s tomb, meditating on His suffering and death. The sacrifice of the Mass is not celebrated. There is nothing until the vigil when we then begin the joy of the resurrection.

We chose December 3rd for the next Advent festival as the Christmas fayre will be Sunday November 26th .

Patrick requested help at 9.30 and 6.15 Masses with a raffle and bun sale for Lesotho.

Duggie asked for parishioners to respect the Consecration and not allow children to visit the toilet at this special moment. This item will be added to this week’s newsletter. It was suggested that children be told in school about respect for the Consecration and especially not to cross in front of the altar if they must go to the toilet.

The next meeting will be Tuesday 14th March at 7p.m. and anyone willing to join the welcoming team to be invited to attend.

St.  Bede’s Parish Liturgy meeting January 16th 2017

Present – Fr. John, Andrew[chair] Ivor, Patrick, Paul, Christine, Kath Jones, Kath Roddison, Anne, Gabrille, and Colette.

Apologies – Stuart and Alex.                                                                              

Advent festival/Christmas - the crib accessories looked splendid thanks to Kath Roddison. The figures could do with brightening up – Father will enquire about a quote for the work. It was agreed to keep the Advent festival to a Sunday. There will be a meeting to discuss dates and times soon.

Towards Liturgical Excellence – the great Amen will be sung at daily Mass and Sunday evenings and at 6.15 the prayer between the Alleluia’s should be recited by the whole congregation not just the reader.

Children’s liturgy – should there be a children’s liturgy every Sunday not just in school time?

Lent A ‘Day with the Lord ‘will be 18th March. Lent means spring – a time to grow – should the title for the day reflect this? Suggestions for the title to be sent to Paul before the weekend.

Sr. Kathy Jones may be available as the guest speaker.

Throughout Lent should there be Exposition after morning Mass?  People could sit for 30 minutes. A rota to be placed on the notice board mid February requesting sitters.

Should there be evening Compline with the church open from 5p.m. this could be led by the laity with readings, psalms, and the choir to sing.

A programme of any events should be displayed or added to the newsletter and put on the web site diary. People should be aware that the prayer of the Church is 24 hours.

A leaflet explaining Lent would be helpful to parishioners. Lent is basically Prayer, Self denial and works of charity.

A request for a simple prayer book, book of psalms and penitential psalms was made. Colette to check the CTS site and Amazon. Paul suggested a book club for Lent.

There will be Stations of the Cross through art and music during Lent.

Could the children to be involved in the Passion reading? Should a large cross on display? Father feels the starkness of the Church is enough.

The Good Friday service will have to be 12 noon as there is a football match at New York. Should the church be open longer on this day?

The Easter Vigil will be 8.30p.m. Easter Sunday Mass at Forty Martyrs’ last year was very poorly attended so all services will be celebrated in St. Bede’s. Training for readers/servers is essential. Patrick will assist the servers and Andrew and Stuart the readers

Paul has organised concerts in April, May and August. He would like us to make more of the feast of the Assumption.


There will be a raffle on February 12th for the Lourdes fund and Patrick would like to run one for the Lesotho funds. Father suggested he ask Anne re dates for second collections.

Family Mass - Should we hold a monthly ‘Family Mass’ with the Junior school choir and readers. Mother’s Day would be a suitable date - 26th March. With a further Mass in Eastertide. Caution was expressed re the word ‘family’.

Confirmation - with Bishop Ralph will be June 15th with Y5 and Y6 and other children. The parents will be trained then should pass the teaching on to their children.


Next meeting for the Liturgy group will be Tuesday 7th February.  7p.m.


March 14th will be a meeting to discuss the Day with the Lord and Lenten events.


The meeting closed with a prayer.